How to win prizes through quizzes in india?


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You can go to websites which feature quizzes in India such as and you can learn more about what you need to win and how to claim your prizes. The questions may feature lots of interesting trivia about India so it would be helpful to know information.

  • Some interesting facts about your country

The name of the country of India is derived from River Indus, which refers to the valleys where the country's earliest settlers lived in. The ancient Aryan worshippers used to refer to the river as Sindhus. The popular game of chess was actually invented in India.

Other studies and sciences still used today also originated in India such as calculus, trigonometry, and algebra. In 100BC, the decimal system and the place value system were also developed in India.

During the 13th century, a poet saint named Gyandev created the popular game which we know as snakes and ladders although its original name was Mokshapat. The game actually has symbolisms because the ladder represents virtues while the snakes represent vices. It was originally played using cowrie shells and dices. Over time, the game underwent many modifications and developments although in essence its meaning is still the same because good deeds will take the player to heaven while evil results in an inevitable cycle of re-births.

Himachal Pradesh in India is home to the world's highest cricket grounds. It was built in 1893 after the locals leveled out a hilltop. These cricket grounds are 2444 meters above sea level.

  • India's academic accomplishments

India is also home to the world's first university, which was created in Takshila sometime in 700 BC. Here is where over 10,500 students gathered from all over the world and studied more than 60 subjects. It is considered to be one of the greatest contributions of India to the field of education.

There are so many interesting things about this great large country. You can research on the internet about many other trivia you can use to win quizzes in India.

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