Give examples for cline for a talk and a cold?


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The question doesn't make much sense, so I will answer you as best I can. First of all, though, I must offer you some advice to ensure that you get the answer you need in the future.

Remember that when you are asking questions online, you will only ever get a detailed and precise answer if you provide as much information as possible. You need to ensure that all of your readers know what you're talking about so that they can attempt to answer your question and help you out.

What I'm saying is that the question, ideally, needs to be reworded. That means people will be able to understand precisely what you mean, and you will have a better chance of receiving an answer that relates to what you need to find out.

  • What I think you need to know
It seems to me that you want to find out ways that you can continue doing a talk or a presentation despite having a cold. In the case of being ill and having to perform like this, there are some things you can do. First of all, dress to impress. Looking good often helps you feel good. If you dress as normal, and appear like you're up and ready to go then you are half way there. You are technically up and ready to get cracking do your presentation.

  • See your doctor
There is no cure for a common cold, but your doctor might be able to find you different remedies to ease your throat and make the cold more bearable. By using the medicines and remedies that your doctor prescribes, you will be ensuring that you minimize the effect that the cold will have on your ability to talk during your presentation.

Anything that can help clear your throat and sinuses would benefit you, as they will allow you to breathe more easily and sound more normal. Remember to tell your audience that you are feeling a little ill, too, as they will no doubt understand.

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