Is kelly tisdale and jennifer tisdale the same person?


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Jennifer Tisdale is the same person as Kelly Tisdale; her full name is in fact Jennifer Kelly Tisdale and in her career she has used Kelly Tisdale as a stage name. Jennifer Tisdale is an American actress and singer, the older sister of Disney star Ashley Tisdale. Her most famous roles include her part playing the character Chelsea in the teen movie 'Bring It On: In it to Win it' and her role in the MTV television series Undressed. Jennifer Tisdale's last major role was in the film the Brazen Bull, in which she played the main part. She has supported her sister on occasions, starring in her music video He Said She Said.
  • The Tisdale Family
Jennifer Tisdale, now aged 29, married restaurant manager Shane McChesnie in 2009; her younger sister Ashley was maid of honor. Recently, she has given birth to a baby girl, Mikayla Dawn. Ashley Tisdale is very close to her sister, and has not married yet as she is focusing on her career. The sisters were born in New Jersey, to Mike (the manager of a construction company) and Lisa (who is Jewish). Their parents encouraged their daughters to enter the show business industry from a young age, and Ashley was often cast in adverts as a child.

  • Ashley Tisdale
The most famous member of the Tisdale family, Ashley Tisdale became popular in her role in the TV show The Suite Life of Zach and Cody. She then landed another role with Disney, playing the character Sharpay in the High School Musical Series. She acted in three High School Musical films and went on to star in another film - Sharpay's Big Adventure - as the lead role. Ashley has also produced a number of music albums and has starred in various other movies such as the teen hit Hellcats.

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