Were is keioma rucker?


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  • Keioma or Keonna?
I think that you are probably referring to Keonna Rucker the dancer. Keonna's most recently recorded performance was a tutorial session at Boogiezone's BZ Community Class on October 21 2010. You can see it at http://beatsandsteps.blogspot.com/2010/10/keonna-rucker-and-jed-florano-at-bz.html. If you'd like to find out when she's next appearing with the team you can check out Boogiezone.com and sign up to become a member.

  • Biography
Keonna began dancing in her San Diego high school where, along with her hip-hop dance crew, she took part in 'Air Band' competitions - a contest where a whole group would mime along to a track either singing or 'playing' their instruments. She went on to join San Diego's Future Shock troupe in 2001, a group of artists brought together by their love of music and dance. She took part in her last performance with the collective in 2003 at the Choreographer's Showcase after which she headed off to the University of California, Irving where she joined the Modern Completely Insane Anteaters during her first year. She also started up her own dance team called Iconclast whilst at UCI. 2005 saw Keonna join the ranks of Boogiezone Breed for an 18-month stint, before successfully auditioning for the Pac Modern team.

  • Side Projects
Keonna has also worked on various side projects including Arvin Tabula's Beatnik's Showcase, Jr's Freedom Junkies and Movement Project, and guesting with the Typecast Toys. You can check out her Movement Project performance at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v9I9ZsMTnC4

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