Does the real jaden smith have a facebook ? If yes then what is his facebook name?


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It is very unlikely that Jaden Smith himself has a personal Facebook page. If he did then he would get swamped with requests from obsessive fans and if he accepted them all then he would quickly reach his friend limit. Jaden Smith, like any other celebrity, deserves privacy from his fans.

  • Jaden Smith on Facebook.
Even though Jaden Smith doesn't have a personal Facebook page that he uses himself, he does have a Facebook fan page that fans can like. Once they like it they will receive very regular updates from either Jaden himself or his representatives.

His Facebook fan page can be found by clicking on the following link: You won't be able to follow Jaden Smith unless you have a Facebook page. If you don't then it is really quick and easy to do, all you need is an email address and it is completely free.

  • Jaden Smith on Twitter.
There is another way that you can keep track of any tours that Jaden Smith is through Twitter. You can access his main Twitter page by clicking on the following link:!/officialjaden.

Once you follow Jaden Smith on Twitter you will be able to keep up to date with anything that Jaden is doing as he will regularly post pictures and information about his current projects.

If you don't have a Twitter already then it is really quick and easy to set up an account. All you need is an email address. Once you sign up you can pick a username and then activate your account from your email address that you signed up with and then you can start following people like Jaden Smith.

It is possible for you to talk to Jaden Smith on Twitter. All you do is tweet and begin your tweet with @officialjaden so whatever you tweet will be sent straight to his email address that is registered with his Twitter account. Although he may not respond, he will probably have read your comments.

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