I Want To Be In A Band But I Don't Have Enough Money For Vocal Classes And No One Will Teach Me Guitar. Should I Just Give Up On My Dream And Get A Regular Boring Job That Gets Me Nowhere In Life?


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Mark Henderson answered
If you want to be in a band then join a band! It's as simple as that. If you really want something you should never give up on it. The money from the regular boring job you mention could be used to pay for vocal lessons, or even a new guitar!

Vocal lessons

Learning to sing should not be a problem, regardless of money. If you can afford it vocal lessons are a great way to learn, if not then you can always teach yourself.

Singing at a high volume will be the best way to learn - put your favourite song on and try to match the notes coming out of your voice box with the vocals in the track. This is a method of trial and error and requires hours of practicing; there are also hundreds of free online videos and lessons to help you learn!
Learning Guitar The guitar can be self-taught as well - again, use free online lessons to help your development. Pick a song you want to learn, then look up the guitar tablature for it (it will be online for free!) and play along. Remember, start with a simple song and progressively learn harder ones. Learning the guitar requires a lot of hard work and practice!

  • If you want to pay for lessons then carry on with your regular job until you can afford them.
  • If not, teach yourself!
  • Some of the best vocalists and guitarists of all time have been self taught.
  • Learning to sing or to play the guitar requires hours of hard work and practice.

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Jake Anderson answered
No - do not give up on your dream, life is all about struggles, and if you keep struggling uphill eventually you come out on top. Guitar is a very easy instrument to self-teach, using YouTube and iTunes to play along with songs. For vocals a lot of people don't need lessons - you can just pick it up, Just practise. I hope this helps, and please don't give up on what you want.
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Janey answered
You can always get guitar lessons either with a tutor or online to help you learn and it doesn't really matter if your voice is too soft. I play bass in an all-girl indie guitar band and our music doesn't focus on what our voices sound like. It's all about the music !

Don't give up on your dream - find others with the same ambition and form a band.We've been playing together since university and although we've all got jobs and careers,we still play gigs and keep the band going as a part-time thing.
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Corey Levesque answered
Definitely don't give up on it. You should try YouTube. Youll be able to learn whatever on it.
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Maxine Chan answered
No, you can always practice and practice without any lessons. Just keep believing in yourself. No need to sing rock music, just sing pop since your voice is soft.
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Arthur Wright answered
Nope, now comes the part where youll find out exactly just how badly you want this dream. If you want it enough you'll risk everything to accomplish it, so find a way to get it done or you'll always regret not trying hard enough. So it's up to you but don't ever quit. Find a way and if it was that easy everyone would be a Rock-n-Roll star. You and only you are in charge of your destiny here and now. Don't quit and good luck.

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