My friends and i are always something funny for halloween. Once we were sumos, and last year we were tacky tourists. We are 13 and 15 years old. What should we be this year? Something weird and unique and funny!


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Haha this is like super random but me and my friend are doin this this halloween.

Wear a bright colored wig and big sunglasses.  And wear bright tights that go anywhere lower than your knees and colorfull knee socks so you can't see your skin on your legs and wear underwear over top of the tights XD, lol. Then wear any shoes.  Wear like a colorful top and a bra over top. Lol and maybe if you want like suspenders or something, just randomely. And I don't know where your from but it might get cold since you will probably be going at night so wear something to cover your arms but so you can still see your top!  Then add any other accesories you'd like and your good to go..(maybe even a cape) XD

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