I jus wasted 3 hours of my life ....shopping.....those hours i will never get back again..tht really hurts me deep inside...and now im wasting 2 minutes asking you this...tht hurts too....does it hurt you?


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Ray Ottewell answered
Yep I can feel the pain, I went shopping as well today, all those hours wasted, what am I ever going to do to get all that time back. Your right Addi it hurts, especially being away from my computer, I miss blurtit so much when I am not at home.
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Ray Ottewell
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I have got to be away from my computer again to-morrow I have got to mow the grass, I hate being a man :))
Addilynn All Star
I find tht kinda fun..i jus leave it on and wait for it to cutt some of the grass and then it drags me along and i go flying all over the place but its fun..8) being a man is easy..8) hehe
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I feel your pain, as we wasted an entire morning and afternoon shopping for outfits and matching hats for my cousin's upcoming wedding.Hours lost forever, never to return and to add insult to injury, nothing was bought lol.Time to visit London's West End methinks lol.
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Addilynn All Star
LOL NOO! Tht hurts moree! Wen u shop for ages..wasting all tht time and end up buying nothing! Tht means u have to go again! And waste more time! Nooo!
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Why do you shop? For retail therapy or do you need stuff?
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Jon Asaviour answered
Sounds like your life is a waste , is it ?
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Addilynn All Star
Ur very offensive do you know tht? Learn how to speak with manners then i will reply to you.
Jon Asaviour
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Any way thnx for your reply , teach me manners teacher am willing to learn
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Adrian Masters answered
Nope! It makes me laugh. :) If you are unhappy I will assume you did not go shopping for any cool Ninja gear. So get back out there and shop, shop, shop!!!!! Well, at the Ninja store of course. :)

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