My Co-worker Is Bad At Her Job And Always Making Mistakes. Also, She's Mean And Doesn't Know Very Much. Her Mom Did A Lot Of Drugs - Could This Have Caused Her To Develop A Mental Retardation?


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It's kind of you to try to understand what's going on in your co-worker's life, rather than just writing her off, but I'd be careful about jumping to conclusions about her.

It is possible that she suffered developmental damage as a result of her mother's drug use whilst she was in the womb. However, it's also possible that this is not the case.

If your co-worker’s mum was a frequent drug user, then it could just be the case that she didn't give her daughter the care and attention she needed, in order to develop emotionally and intellectually.
When you say that your co-worker is mean, do you mean that her behaviour makes it difficult for you to spend time with her? She might benefit from being shown that there are people who care about her, and who are prepared to accept her for who she is.

It's certainly possible that she's using her mean character as a form of defence mechanism - attacking people before they have a chance to hurt her. I'm making enormous assumptions about her here - but if she comes from a deprived background, then sadly, she might never have learned to trust people.

If she's bad at her job, it might just be because she doesn't care about it very much. Maybe it bores her? What do you do to get through your day at work? Is there any way you could involve her in that, too? If she feels more relaxed and confident, then she might perform better at her job.

If she's continually making the same mistakes over and over again, then she might be exhibiting signs of a learning difficulty. But equally, she could be suffering from difficulty concentrating, the causes of which are numerous, but include depression, bipolar disorder and insomnia.
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I'm sorry to hear that, but you need to give that person a break. It seems like you're coming down on her hard.

I understand if this has been going on for some time but if this is a fairly recent observation then give her some more time to figure things out. Oh, and that last part of your question was just mean. Plausible, but very cold.
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Actually you have no idea how mean this women is..she is sadistic to other people and enjoys watching people suffer...honestly I am being nice and trying to find a reason for it..I'm honestly thinking its due to her mother being a heroine addict..and she is very very stupid with everything she says and does!!!! So please don't pass judgement on me when you have no idea how horrible this person is

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