Do love caluclators mean anything if you get a bad score with a celebrity..for example if you get 11% with Megan Fox would she not like you in real life?


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Love calculators, of any sort, that is online is a bunch of garbage. I'm assuming you are quite young and must not know that celebrities are in their own little world. Celebrities live a soap opera world. We normal people find love through our hearts.. Something you'll hopefully understand when you get older.
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I completely agree! It's a big soap opera full of drama for all the celebrities! Rumors flying, rivalries, has to get sick of it!!!
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Celebrities won't look twice at you. If you have to use a calculator to find love, you got problems!
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Nah those things are just for fun and for joking around with the get people talking at parties and such to see how much a celeb likes or dislikes you in real life.
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Oh, those things arent even correct. Theyr'e 4 entertainment. Only Megan Fox can determine how much she'd like you. (of course.)

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