Why Did The Chicken Cross A Galaxy?


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Why did the chicken cross a galaxy? This is a question that has provoked a lot of humorous replies and much thought on the query. Different people have reacted differently to the question and surprisingly, though it is cited many times, the answers are all a bit evasive. Some of the common answers include:
- Because it wanted to.
- I don't know.
- Because the grass looked greener on the other side of the galaxy.
- I was not there.
- It had nothing else to do.

The implication of the question has also been used to indicate rebellious behavior, strategy, denial and better prospects. Looking at the question with a broader prospective, the chicken is an indication of the person in question. The act of crossing a galaxy is a show of some deliberate action, evading or exploring. The application of both question and answer depends on the subject and the situation or issue being addressed. It is important to identify the 'chicken' and the 'galaxy'. Once the subject and predicate are identified it is easier to answer the question. For example, the question could be used in good humor to actually enquire about the quitting of an important team member, at a meeting. Here, when answering the question, 'why did the chicken cross a galaxy?' the probable retorts would be:
- better money
- bigger post
- growth

It is understood that the 'chicken' is the absent team member and the 'galaxy' is his initiative to move on.
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Good question! Let me give you equally good answers! ha ha!

So why did the chicken cross the galaxy? Well, maybe the chicken was in love with another chicken who lived galaxies away so just to prove its love, it had to cross the galaxy.

Or the chicken wanted to get famous in the whole "chicken community'" and so it thought crossing galaxies would sure get some attention.

Or maybe the chicken was fed up of the galaxy it lived in and thought a change of galaxies would do some good.

Or maybe the chicken wanted to marry an alien and was in search of the perfect alien.The best way to meet an alien occurred to it as crossing galaxies.

Maybe the chicken liked going out on long walks and thought this time it wouldn't just cross a street but cross a whole galaxy.

Maybe the chicken had the habit of walking around in its sleep.

Maybe the chicken was wearing a superman costume which gave it the ability to fly over different galaxies. It didn't want to miss out on the chance and gave it a try.

These are the answers I could come up with. Hope this satisfies you!
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Because he was a space chick

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