What Awards Did Mission Impossible Win?


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Mission Impossible won the best show Golden Globe award in 1968.
Barbara Bain won the best actress Emmy award in 1967, 1968 as well as in 1969. Bruce Geller collected an Emmy for best writer and producer in the year 1967. Peter Graves won the best actor Golden Globe award in 1971. Martin Landau won the Golden Globe Best Actor in 1968. Jerome Ross the writer of the series won an Edgar Award for best episode in a TV series for ("Operation Rogesh"), 1967.

Bruce Gellar got the inspiration to make the Award winning series Mission Impossible after watching the 1964 Jules Dassin movie 'Topkapi'. Gellar switched the theme from the criminals of Topkapi to the good guys of IMF in series.

The makers of Mission Impossible series were accused of lifting the plot from another series called 21 Beacon Street and had to face a law suit which was later settled out of court. The writer of the Mission Impossible series William Read Woodfield was a huge fan of David Maurer and his fictional books about con artists called The Big Con hence many episodes of the series have remarkable resemblance to the ones written in the book.
Lalo Schifrin composed several unique tracks for the series, the most famous one being the theme song itself.

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