Should Celebrities Or The Media Be To Blame For Young Girls' Obsession With Being Thin And Looking 'Good'?


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I think this is an area where the parents are to blame. They need to explain and teach their kids what is healthy and obtainable and how to get it. I believe in this case that old saying is right, if you believe in nothing you will fall for anything.
Without a strong foundation of self respect, they will feel more pressure from pictures in front of their faces.

That being said, the media and society has become more comfortable showing more skin and portraying mostly unreasonable depictions of human bodies. But I'm never a fan of holding Hollywood accountable, they are for entertainment not a moral compass to live by.
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It's hard to say really. If media wasn't pushing this image, the pressure would still come from somewhere else, most likely.
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It's Half Media And Half Trying To Copy Each Other By Starving Themselves. Thanks For Plus Size Models Because The Average Lady Is Size 10  12.. Young Girls Never Accept Themselves Because Magazines Shoe Size 5 Girls On The Cover
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The media certainly doesn't help with
all the 'super models' looking like they do.
What they need to do is show what 'real'
people look like.  You know, someone who
doesn't fit into a size 8. Some girls/women
will never fit into a size ( I didn't,
but then, I never felt like I had to) and
a mid-age woman who has wrinkles
instead of a model who's really too
young to have any yet.  I'm sure
everyone's seen the ads that come
up as soon as you sign in.  Where the
'radiant beauties' are next to  a view of
they might have looked like without this
or that product.   The lines are drawn in,
but the result is something bad enough
to scare a girl who sees it and thinks it's real.
The 'before' picture would be good on
Halloween night.
Then, too, there's the publicity of how
this celebrity gained so many pounds
and her fight to loose it, describing just
how she had to suffer to get to the weight
she and/or the public expected.  It makes
gaining a couple pounds into a near life-
and-death scenario, especially the tabloids.
Too many kids (and some adults) have the
notion that if it's on TV,  the Net or in the paper,
it has to be true.
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No ,their parents ,family,friends ,neighbors and relatives should have instilled in them that things in society/on tv are not what decides who or how you should see yourself.I'm not saying being fit and trim is wrong but going past the normal point at which a girl or guy looks like a skeleton from a death camp that is just sickening or having every part of their bodies changed to be what they are not is just wrong. I mean women are having their toes shortened so they can wear a pair of about a cinderella complex/or having ribs removed to have a smaller hip measurement.that just shows how they have bought into appearance not their true self.when men and women have their faces pulled back so they look like their skull is trying to escape thier head that's just messed up thinking. Or they risk loosing a body part to have it lifted something is not only wrong with them but the doctors doing the procedures.let's put it this way even if there were no celebrities people would have eventually did these things to compete/be part of society/fit in/have a feeling of self worth.
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I am inclined to believe that it is a bit of all that has been mentioned.  Peer pressure certainly is part of it as is the constant portrayal of the anorexic models shown by the media.  The parent's are certainly partly to blame for not insisting when the child was younger that they eat a balanced diet and for not instilling a sense of self that goes beyond what someone else thinks they should be.   Self-confidence carries conviction & overcomes the derogatory remarks and challenges others may throw at us.  We learn self-confidence at the knees of our parents.
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No, not really, its mostly peer pressure
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Yeah, because if we didn't know about all that stuff, and the media didn't keep shoving this 'perfect' image down our throats then we wouldn't really care as much :)
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Answering the question DIRECTLY, I say it's the media. The media itself is the operation who PUT those celebrities on live, and so the organization obviously has a picky taste in which models to title as celebrities... The celebrities are just themselves. Once they're famous, something as little as taking a dog for a walk is all over the magazines. If one of them suddenly went anorexic, either a camera would see and find out or the rumors would spring up way too strongly about the abnormal thin-ness that they are proud to model with. The media shapes our society. So now, the media is shaping our society to be a perfectly healthy, wonderfully thin, smart, hard-working, kind group of people who don't have any problems anytime.
Well, they're WRONG.
Whether they realize it or NOT they're influencing a lot of people very strongly with these plastic-fake ideas. I say they should let ugly people on. I say they should let overweight people on. I say they should be honest, and only then will we be an honest society.
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In a way, yes they can.  Girls these days are so convinced by celebrities and the media's claim that "thin is the new beautiful" that they feel starving themselves and obsessing with weight is the only way to be accepted in our society.  

And sadly, this is true in almost any part of the world.  So many people want to look like celebrities and be like the models on tv or in magazines and are often prostituting themselves just to be liked. 

There are many factors that contribute to a girl's obsession with weight, and celebrities and media attention are definitely some of them.

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No, it's the parents and the schools for not teaching children how to think for themselves.
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There is no hard rule that every person like the slim girls. Every person have their own taste. So you r best as you r.
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Not really.they don't help though.The parents should explain that not everyone is or can be the same shape.What do you think Omnom
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Personally I think the media, Willielad. They emphasis celebrities looks, writing about how they're beautiful and looking thin and healthy...
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YES YES ANS YES girls see soman on tv and think that they nead to look like that girl its dum.^_^

if this is offensive ples tell me.

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