How Can I Tell If My Roll Of Advantix Film Is Used?


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Adavantix film is a type of film format developed by Kodak. It is the Kodak Company's brand name for Advanced Film Format. The film was around 24 mm wide and it is generally available in three formats H, C and P. The three are high definition, Classic and Panoramic respectively. APS cameras are specially made to accommodate "Advantix" type of films.

In the case of Adavatix films there is a feature on the role itself which displays the used status of the roll in it. There are four symbols underneath the capsule which highlight depending on their status. A circle indicates unexposed film, half circle a partly exposed film, a plus or cross sign a fully exposed unprocessed film and a square symbol a processed film.
If the roll is within the camera then most cameras generally have a feature where they display what number of film is being used. In normal films the case of a film that is removed from the camera an unused film is identifiable by a small portion of the film sticking out of the capsule. In a used film the entire film gets withdrawn into the capsule. Finally one can also check with a developing studio if the role is spent or not.

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