How Did TV Presenter Steve Irwin Die?


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The Australian crocodile-lover, Steve Irwin, died tragically on the 4th September 2006 whilst filming a television documentary called 'Ocean's Deadliest'. He was snorkelling off the Great Barrier Reef when he swam too close to a stingray and unfortunately the stingray's barb punctured his heart and caused him to die.

Irwin is famous for his love of crocodiles, which could be seen on his international documentary series 'The Crocodile Hunter'. He also co-owned with his wife Terri, the Australian Zoo in Queensland which they took over from Steve's parents. The two married in 1992 and had two children named Bindi and Bob.

Bindi was actually due to present the section of the 'Ocean's Deadliest' documentary which Steve was filming when he was attacked by the stingray.

Unfortunately, some mourners took their grief out on stingrays and at least ten were found dead or mutilated in Queensland.

Irwin's death shocked both the nation and the world, as he died at such a young age, doing what he loved.
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I loved Steve Irwin. He was my main idol. No matter what people say or think, I will take on Steve's dream. I've always wanted to meet him, but i guess now I can't. I would do anything to meet the rest of his family but it's going to be very hard. I encourage others to help me finish off his dream. I almost blew the whistle on animal cruelty, but they said no. No matter what , I will never give up.

- Rebecca Miller
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He died what he said he would and that is better than a murder but at least he loved the thing he was doing and he probably still does and is always helping his family when they are looking after the animals at Australia zoo and saying "Crikey, that's a big sheila."
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He was stabbed because the stingray he was swimming around felt threatened because Steve was swimming above it, not beside it and stabbed him. Steve may have lived if he would've kept the stingray's barb in his chest until medical help arrived. Since then other people have been stabbed in the chest and they lived; this is because they kept the barb in their chest.
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Everyone by now knows how he died. What I want to say is that people should not be afraid or mad at stingrays now. Steve's life work was to protect wildlife. He knew the dangers of his job, but he loved it. He wouldn't want his death to cause people to feel anger towards innocent animals.

If Steve had lived, I am almost certain he would've said it was all his fault and that the stingray was totally in the right (because that's just Steve!) I feel great remorse over Steve's death but I will not hold it against stingray's in general. That would be like hating every Iraqi just because there are terrorists from Iraq that hurt us.

I will cherish Steve's work and do what I can to help it continue.
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Steve died in the prime of his life, doing what he did best, unfortunately he made the ultimate mistake by getting to close to the Stingray, the Ray wouldn't have understood that Steve meant no harm & reacted in the way it did by defending itself. Steve's 2nd mistake was when he removed the Barb that stuck into his chest. To me he was a great man and if he had been a school teacher, Kids & Adults alike would have all wanted to be in Mr Irwin's class. Our thoughts are with his Family. God Bless Steve Irwin.
We are visiting Steve's Zoo on June 11th, & there will be a tear in our eyes.
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We all know that Steve has died but I believe that Steve was a good man to us and to animals. He dived into the barrier reef to the shooting of oceans deadliest. His daughter Bindi was supposed to be in the shooting, but Steve actually saved her life by telling her not to got with him diving.

Steve's wife -Terri- was married with him since 1992. Terri cried in tears on sadness when she heard about the news. They then had two children.

He took over his father's job- but had a big love to crocodiles and snakes- his father's  job was to take care of the Australians zoo. Steve wanted to protect more animals when he was 25 and started to go out with his wife to save animals from all over the world

God bless Steve and his family.
We will always remember him.
The stingray did indeed feel threatened. However as John Stainton said, Steve was swimming over a bull ray which was burried in the sand. Because of how people forget how much he knew when he was with animals---and just think of him as a careless daredevil---that fact is consistantly overlooked.
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He died by a stingray which was feeling threatened. Steve siad that he would rather dien doing what he knows and loves best. I know that Steve Irwin is dead but we still got Bindi who wants to be just like her daddy. I want Bindi and her family to know that I cried the moment that I heard about Steve. Some think that maby he shouldn't have done Oceans Deadliest. You would think that he might have died from a crocdile or snake but not a stingray. Its so hard to believe that Steve is gone. I know that the world would miss him. Cause I sure will.
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Yes the sting ray did feel threatened but I think it was just a freak accident  Steve got to close slipped up and the sting ray punctured him. No matter what they did they would not have been able to save him because once a sting rays stinger enters the body of the victim it imidiatlly enjects a small amount of poison. And no matter what any one says that he was just a careless daredevil I think other wise of him
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I wish Steve did not do that last film we miss him so much i was on my honey moon and arrived in Queensland around the time he died. Me and my wife could not believe it, all the best to the rest of the Irwin family.

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