How do I download stuff to my computor without the administer's password.I don't know the administer's password so I can't download anything?


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Is this because your mac no longer accepts the correct password?

If so this page explains how to create a new account and delete your old faulty account, it worked for my sisters mac :)
Even if your admin password isn't faulty this would allow you to download using your own new admin password. If your not running a mac though I don't know. I'm not sure if there are many other OS's that ask for admin passwords at downloads though.

Hope that helped
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Chang Emily answered
Well, so you have lost Windows password? Is it a Windows 7/xp/vista or other OS?
There are some methods for your reference.
Firstly, I would like to know is it a Windows xp, window 7 or windows vista? Here are some options on Windows password reset.

Option 1: If it is a Windows xp, you can easily reset Windows password with a default admin password which is only stored in Windows xp.
Remember that, this method will only work if you already leave your admin password field blank when installing windows operating system.
Step 1: Just turn on your computer and wait for your login screen. If you see login window just hit Ctrl+Alt+Del keys in same time twice.
Step 2: Now type Administrator (letters are case sensitive) for Username field and leave password field blank and try to login to your computer as a system administrator.
If you can successfully login to your system, now you can easily reset your windows xp password.
Step 3: Just click Start > Control Panel > User Accounts and change or reset your password as you want.

Option 2: With the password hint to get back the lost Windows password again
Requirement: A password hint has created when set a windows password

Option 3: If you have another available admin password, you can also quickly recover forgotten Windows password successfully.

Option 4: Use a Windows password recovery tool to reset Windows password. As I know, there are kinds of good enough software to crack password efficiently, like Windows Password Unlocker , which I had used before, you can reset lost Windows password with it easily and efficiently.

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