Does Anyone Know What Happened To The Singer Of Snap?


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The popular German band Snap actually had several singers- in fact they would hire different singers for live performances. Amongst these is Summer- a former dancer with Janet Jackson and Prince and former back up vocalist of Snoop Doggy Dog and Paula Abdul. Another frontman was Turbo B- who's real name was Darren Butler. He was both a superb rapper and a beat box. Jackie Harris- a former employee of Moses P. Penny Ford who sang for Chaka Khan and George Clinton. Niki Harris and Thea Austin were also singers with this band at some point or the other.

The creators of Snap! were Luca Anzilotti and Michael Munzing. Fearing that their German surnames would adversely affect album sales they changed their names to John Virgo Garrett III and Benito Benites.

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