What Is The Summary Of Movie"2012"?


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Fangju Fangju answered
"December 21, 2012, after darkness comes, the dawn of December 22
will never come." History has never been a date, meet the expectations of
December 21, 2012 such a huge impact on human beings; Mayan civilization
predicted that it is the end of the world, but every culture, race, the world's
scientists, governments, can not predict what will happen on this day in the
end; "2012" is a disaster film about global destruction, which came about in
2012 when the end of the world, the world's people How to struggle to
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Ankit Singh , Movie Buff, answered

The summary of the movie is that we shouldn't play with nature, else the world will come to an end very soon.

Whenever I see this movie coming on TV on HBO, I watch it, this never gets boring or old and has such a subtle message for all the mankind

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