What is your talent? My talent is singing and making art.


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alex krycek Profile
alex krycek answered
Singing too I guess, especially at karaoke and I play a pretty mean game of tennis as well. I used to run for my school and university back in the day as I was pretty quick with lots of stamina and endurance.
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Maxine Chan
Maxine Chan commented
What songs do you sing? I sing anything from r&b to country.
Mike McCarthy
Mike McCarthy commented
Good fore you, Maxine. Music is my love. I have at most over 30 years worth of a music collection. I aim to get me a guitar & take lessons.
Daniel Robert Profile
Daniel Robert answered
Singing and playing the piano. I'm not too shabby at running and love to write. Everything having to do with the arts is just so creative, it makes it so interesting and appealing to all. Hope everyone will learn to be more creative.

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