How Old Is Andy Milonakis?


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When Andy Milonakis was asked his age he said that he was somewhere between 10 and 30 years old. He was in fact not far from the truth. Andy Milonakis turned 30 this year. Due to some hormonal disorder he has not been able to shed the features of a boy as he turned adult.

Andy shot to fame because of the many self-promotional videos that he created and posted on the Internet. This enabled him to bag a lucrative T.V. Show out of which he has managed to build quite a fan club. He graduated to movies when he starred in Waiting... Andy has also appeared on radio as a radio jockey. He expanded his repertoire by recording the hip-hop track Like this along with J-Kwon. There were rumors that Andy was the kid on The Man Show in the late nineties but this is not true. Andy has managed to turn his disorder into a money spinner but he claims that he is waiting for that medicinal breakthrough that will help him live like a normal adult.
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I am 45
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He is 33

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