Why do you think '80s music is so well regarded by people today after all this time?


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Because the bands of that era were making ground-breaking music with innovations like the synthesizer and drum machine that have stood the test of time. A rare example of a lot of talented musicians all emerging  at the same time to form exciting sub-cultures such as New Romantic, Ska. Mod and Post-Punk. Songwriting seems to have been much better back then without trickery such as Auto-tune and times were much simpler. While classic icons such as the Human League, Frankie and Gary Numan were unique one-offs who have never been matched or replicated,
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Because music from the 80's was actually quality music. The lyrics in their songs didn't revolve around drugs, sex, and money. They were lyrics with real meaning. Their lyrics didn't corrupt our society. Of course 80's music deserves some positive recognition, it was REAL music.
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Music from the 80's were great, and there were happy feel good songs. It brought back great memories.

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I think it's because of nostalgia and just plain irritation of today's music are large factors into why people feel disdain towards the current music scene. 

To be honest I feel the same, I'm just sick of corperate manufactured mass lobotimezed style of music that is pumped out today it's all the same there's no variety. It's just songs about clubs, partying, coitus, love and that isn't to say that those subjects weren't touched upon in music back then, but there was variety if you hated one type of genre - there would be another you could try instead.

But that's the problem today, it falls in the same category barely anyone plays instruments anymore I hate to generalise but when I here the radio and there is someone using a guitar in a new song  these days it has no rhyme or rythm, it's just a few notes repeated.

That's not too say the 80's didn't have bad music!

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