Where Can I Find Free Italian Songs To Download?


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Much the same as searching for music that is free to download in any language, there are a host of tools that can help you in your quest. Before you start downloading any free musical content from the internet however, it's always recommended to be wary of 'pirated' music that is made available without the owner's express consent, as these files are often of poorer quality and downloading them could even have the potential to leave you in hot water from a legal point of view.

File Sharing

Now that you've read the piracy warning, you're ready to trawl what is commonly known as file sharing software. Popular examples of this type of software  are Ares, Limewire, Kazaa,  and Morpheus.  They operate on a p2p or port to port file sharing basis, and require an initial software download that allows you to access, share and download all manner of files, including a host of Italian music.

Other Websites

Some websites specifically cater to providing free downloadable music and often require no registration or software download. Searching for the name of Italian artists on sites like www.mp3raid.com, www.emp3world.com, or www.beemp3.com can often give you access to a hassle-free goldmine of Italian music.

What to search for?

Now that you've got all these resources at your fingertips, the only thing that's missing is to know what to type into that search bar. Obviously this all depends what kind of music you are looking for as Italy is a musically rich and diverse country producing everything from Renaissance choral music to Hip-Hop. It may be worth doing some research into what popular Italian music is like these days, and sites like Italian MTV can be a useful source of charts like the following: MTV Italia: New Italian Talent that will keep you up to speed with emerging acts and trends. Another idea would be to visit some Italian radio station websites such as Radio Italia

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