Can You Die From Boredom?


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I doubt you could actually die from boredom. Although if you're truly bored, you might wish you could.
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Alex D answered
It is not possible to 'die' of boredom, merely get so frustrated at your boredom that you'll do anything, for some that includes suicide and so death, but that's for a very minute percentage of the population.
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Deemarcas Day answered
Probably not, but you may not care if you wake in the morning and you may not care if you were to die due to something else.  I have felt this way due to depression and lack of working.  Get a job, or get out of the house, go online, do something that makes you feel good.  Exercise is good, even though I can't preach that because of where I live (cold, and my sensitivity to it) but when I do something I feel more worthwhile and whole. Get out even if it is only to the grocery store which you need to do anyway.  Go to an event you would enjoy even if alone.  Talk to friends and give them a shoulder to lean on, just don't take their problems for your own.
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Shamqz Quzi answered
Haha definitely not :)

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