Have You Seen The Movie "Wild Hogs" With John Travolta, Martin Lawrence, & Tim Allen?


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Cindy Thompson Profile
Cindy Thompson answered
Yes, and I nearly wet my pants because it was so funny.
James Frakes Profile
James Frakes answered
Yes I did and it is probably one of the funniest movies I have ever seen. It was funnier than I expected it to be.
moodie madd Profile
moodie madd answered
No, I have not. But was it good because I really want to see it?
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Jacquelyn Mathis
Jacquelyn Mathis commented
I was on the floor laughing about everything in this one. I never thought the ending would be like it was either! My husband, who doesn't laugh at much of anything, laughed until he had tears literally falling from laughing so hard. I am not joking. You really need to see it. I especially loved seeing the bikers cry!!! Hilarious!!!!
Aleisha Amohia Profile
Aleisha Amohia answered
I haven't seen it, but now I can't wait from your descriptions of the movie!
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Jacquelyn Mathis
Jacquelyn Mathis commented
You have to check out the comment I left hellopeopl, I think you might want to run out and rent, or buy it. Now I can't wait to see 'The Bucket List'.
Nick Profile
Nick answered
I thought it was decent. I like the fact that it wasn't just another "stupid comedy". I would say 7/10.
Omer Butt Profile
Omer Butt answered
Unfortunately still not, but after your comments for "hellopeople" & Thmpsn's Answer, that would be the first thing I would be looking for now. Do share with me any funny moment/scene of the movie in comment/shout box.
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Jacquelyn Mathis
Jacquelyn Mathis commented
One of the characters keeps wrecking his motorcycle, and he jumps up and always says he's o.k. They are on a road trip, and it seems that nothing goes right for them. I laughed so hard during the movie. I really laughed when the bikers cried.
Katrina Ferguson Profile
I have not seen this one yet but will now
Angela Wright Profile
Angela Wright answered
I took my husband to see it in theatres when it came out.  It was very funny and all the actors were really good but my favorite actor in the movie is William H. Macy. 
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David Mathley Profile
David Mathley answered
Yes I saw it and it is one of my favorite movies of 2008. I thought it was funny and reminded me of my old Harley days.

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