Are Some People Born Without A Sense Of Humor?


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Serious answer:  I believe senses of humor can vary.  There
are some things that are universally funny, but there may be things
that make me laugh that others wouldn't find funny at all.  There
may also be times when a person is just not in a funny mood.

Real answer:  Yes, some people are born without a sense of
humor.  Thanks to the miracle of modern medicine, these
unfortunate souls can now find out "what's so funny."  Yes, with
Hilaribrex, the little green pill, these folks can now join the
party.  Hilaribrex is taken once a day and stimulates the area of
the brain which controls the sense of humor.  Never again sit in
the corner with a sour puss spoiling everybody else's good time! 
Side effects may include sore sides, involuntary pants-wetting and
inability to catch your breath.  Also available:  Absurditol.
I believe that many are born w/out any sense at all.....♥
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Penny Kay
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I agree, my spouse is one. He doesn't understand when I laugh at funny things. He doesn't get humor at all.
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Yes my dad is one of those people LOL
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Yes, definitely, and most of them are bill collectors!  lol
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Yes, and the only sense they have is usually their nose, that's why they can't tell that they stink! ♥
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Yes, May be child might come up with poor humor hormone growth either because of parents or natural!
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Some people's sense of humor depends on what they find funny. They can't laugh at everything, it will make peers think that they're stupid

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