Is It Okay To Talk While You Are Watching A Movie?


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Lisa michalski answered
I like going to the movies but if I were to talk I would have to whisper because I wouldn't want to disturb any one else sitting around me,more often than not I will not speak during the movie so as not to miss a single thing,after the show we'll go have coffee and discuss what we saw,and laugh about the things someone else said.
Michelle New Zealand Profile
Its rude to talk to someone while you are watching a movie.  You can hold your comments till after the movie.  Even if you are whispering to the person next to you it will still be disturbing the person or persons behind you because of these two in front of you leaning over to whispering something in the other ones ear.  I hate it when people sit in front of me in a movie house and talk.  There is a big difference between chatting to one another in a movie house and having fun in there by laughing or to scream because you are scared.
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Lynne Dwyer answered
No. Whisper a comment from time to time to your companion maybe, but that's it. It a little silly to pay for a seat to talk. You can do that for free at home. Get a d.v.d. Player. Pause-Pause
Jacquelyn Mathis Profile
I would think that it would be o.k. If it is a whisper, and provided you are not bothering the person you are with and others around you. You know the movie, Scary movie 2, where Brenda is talking on the phone in the theater and being a you know what, see what happened to her? Lol
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Pamela Krueger answered
WOW, you hit a nerve with me on this one!  LOL  Now if I'm at the movie theatre watching a movie with all the other people, it just stands to reason that people limit their talking and conversations until the movie is over.  If you are just making comments throughout the movie quietly to your partner/friend it is ok.  If you are at home watching a movie on your TV, I believe people should refrain from carrying on long conversations.  My husband insists that you can watch a movie and still carry on a good conversation.  It annoys the SNOT out of me....because I can't hear what they are saying in the movie and usually miss something really important.....he does the same thing when I'm watching the news for heavens sake!
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john caleb answered
Its absolutely fine to talk when you are watching a movie.. As long as the person to whom u  are going to talk is not feeling of being disturbed by you!!
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lorrie wolf answered
It drives me crazy when my boyfriend walks in room while I'm watching a movie i haven't seen before and starts talking my head off ,but to each their own.
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aa rubi answered
Yeh I think it is absolutely fine if someone else is not bothered.... But if he is.. Then you should not do that, I don't mind people talking to me but my hubby surely does, he in fact hates it.... Doesn't want any1 to even whisper during the movie...
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As in other situations where courtesy should be common, talk should be limited so it doesn't interfere with the enjoyment of others of the event they paid for and/or have attended.  If your speech intended for the recipient can be heard by others -- next to them/behind them/in front of them, or's too loud.
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...oh and speaking of peoples' opinion and habits, I've heard some people believe it's OK to talk loud and endlessly, or incessantly during a movie - as long as one is not flossing his teeth. :) LOL
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I always talk during movies and I find some people don't mind but then you have others and it drives them crazy!!!! If its a film I really like or find very interesting then I won't and I'll be the one telling everyone to ssshhhhh!
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Pamela Krueger
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Niamhybee, remind me never to invite you over to my house to watch a Or you can sit and talk with my husband outside on the patio! ♥
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It depends if you are in a theatre or home. Theatre chatter is very rude I think , but at home around the family it is generaly ok.
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David MrBucky
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I agree with BifM!! I paid some serious $$ at the theater, I BETTER have a quiet time watching. At home I would probably find a time when I KNEW for sure I could watch uninterrupted, otherwise it is mildly rude to start talking.

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