Have You Ever Gone To The Movies Alone?


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Yes and I enjoyed the movie and my time alone amidst a room full of strangers. Socialization is key for human relationships, but alone time is equally important. Going to the movies alone is not a sign that you lack of friendship, but shows you are able to tolerate being in your own company. Your inner person needs you sometimes too.
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Yeah. My mom use to bring me to the movies and then she would pick me up.

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Sure.  My beef at the movies are those jerks that can't shut up and watch the movie.
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Many years ago I was impatient to see a new Clint Eastwood movie, The Dead Pool, and went to it in the middle of the day by myself.
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Yeah i have gone to the movies alone because my girlfriend stood me up. But i didn't lose heart and still went to the movie. This was the first and last time i ever went alone to the movies.
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Many, many, many times!  I enjoyed it!
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Sure. Sometimes everyone is bussy and i am bored so i go to a movie. Sometimes my wife wants to see a girl movie and i want to see a action movie. So we go to the theater together and watch two seperate movies.
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Sometimes I do.  We  have a repertoire theatre near me.  It small and welcoming.  I actually like going there by myself because it's so comforting, unlike the big A run theaters.

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No one was able to go see "2012" with me (even though I offered to pay for everything), so I had to go all by myself, with no one to hold onto my hand during the scary part.  (When I bought the FOOD!)
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I would have gone with you and held your hand, and put my arm through your arm. With our strong personalities, we just could not discuss anything. Food would be nice, but the airfare would be the hard part.
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Nowadays, the "scary part" is the PRICE of the tickets and concessions.

When I went to see "2012" alone, it almost cost me $20!

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