Did You Like The Original Planet Of The Apes? What About Their Sequels?


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I liked it too and saw it when it 1st. Came out. Anything with Charlton Heston and Roddy McDowell in it has to appeal to me, the way I look at it. I've seen every movie CH made and he was may fav actor for always. RM was one of the best character actors to ever hit the screen. I had CH's book "An Actor's Life" and he was on a signing tour in Toronto. I got to see him, while I was in the line waiting to faint if I got close enough. I've had a case on him since I 1st. Saw Ben Hur. However I have my limits, 1/2 an hr. Is long enough to worship from afar, so I left. There are a few others I'd spend that much time on, Gregory Peck (one of my brain surgeons looked like him, I never heard a word he said but I'd have agreed to a lobotomy if he'd asked me to. He was sitting on the end of my bed! I think I drooled.) Don't tell anyone, it's not the kind of thing I want to have spread around. Hope you feel better. Hope this babble gives you a laugh. Signed Talkstoomuch or Talksalot. Pick one and let me know. Oh! I nearly forgot, Harrison Ford. Dain bramaged you know.
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I must confess, I have not seen any of them. I started to see one of them at a neighbor's house when I was a kid and it just freaked me out. But then I have some issues when it comes to movies...I can read just about anything but I can't watch horror movies or most sci-fi movies. I still have nightmares from the Star Trek movie...uh, the Wrath of Khan I think. He put a bug into someone's helmet and it burrowed into the guy's ear...great. I'm going to have a nightmare tonight. And my ear itches.
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Onetwo Bucklemyshoe
You have nightmares from Star Trek? That's funny, cuz ever since I was little, I have always had nightmares from the movie "My Favorite Martian." Kinda similar, huh? Lol.
carrie commented
That is so funny. I have bizarro nightmares and cannot watch horror movies at all. Though I can watch suspensful movies. Although they can give me nightmares too...My roommate is a huge horror movie freak. Loves vampires, zombies, all that crap. We do not watch movies together!
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I loved the original !..especially when taylor gets his voice back after that chase..that was great..whatever happened with the remake / it wasn't bad until that terrible ending
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I'm not much of a fan, but the original is the best out of all of them. Deeni
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Linda Fitzgerald
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Glad you liked it. And the original was the best one. I hate to see the slide into mediocrity.Wasn't kidding about the braian damage. Hope you give my answer a nice rating, it's all I can do to spell some days.
Onetwo Bucklemyshoe
Yep, five stars!
Awww, why'd you have to change it? You should've left it incorrect, that made it funnier! (Sorry. Just my sharp wit intruding on my common sense, as usual.)
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The first one was pretty good - new idea, good actors, decent budget. But like I do with most movies, had the ending figured out half hour into it. As to the sequels, when the first movie becomes a cash cow, there is a rush to profit on the name of the first movie. Hurried production, smaller budgets, lower quality. Happens every time. They're OK to watch if you have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ELSE to do, but if you want to go outside and look at cloud formations, do that instead.
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Jacquelyn Mathis
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I would if it wasn't so scary for me, it was in the middle of the night, when I woke up from a nightmare. I grew up watching them. Lol Love to reminisce at times, and watch the oldies.
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I never really got into those pictures, too weird for me at that time.
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I think I watched the first one, but none after that. When I think we may be related to something that looks like that, I'm scared! LOL.
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Alan answered
The first one was a good movie I think it gave me night mares too. Even Dr Who gave me a few. The scariest series to me as a child was The Outer Limits. Gives me the shivers just typing the name. Lol I was only five for goodness sake. No watersheds in those days.
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I liked the original one. But after that, they got kind of intense for me. I didn't like them at all.
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Sorry but I can't stand the original or the sequels!! My mom was a huge fan and watched them EVERYTIME THEY WERE ON!!!! Not only that, but she watched them on a black and white 13in tv to boot. Not an enjoyable experience for a child who would have rather been out catching frogs or lightening bugs : ) Althought I am happy that you liked them, they still are not for me!!
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I liked the original. Definitely a classic. But I did not like the sequels. I usually don't like the sequel to anything. Pirates of the Caribbean...loved it, sequel(s)..naaaa. Disney cartoons, same thing. Jurassic Park...1st one...great! Sequals...didn't work for me at all. Sequels usually don't work for me.
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Nathan Corrie answered
I enjoyed the original POTA although the sequel where they were idolising an atom bomb and saying a corrupted version of the Lord's Prayer to it was just plain ridiculous. Can't believe I wasted my money as a teenager to go and see it !

One thing - I agree with the late Arthur C Clarke that POTA winning the Oscar that year for best special effects (the 'ape' make up) was a travesty. The apes at the beginning of ' 2001: A Space Odyssey ' were far more realistic and convincing. In Arthur's case, no doubt folk would say it was just a case of 'sour grapes' but I have no such vested interests.
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Growing up (11-13) I absolutely adored this show. I planned my Friday nites around this show. It was just awesome, and if I catch it on cable, I'll still watch it. I bought the movie with Mark Wahlburg. I totally enjoyed it too. Andy McDowell(?spelling) was awesome to. To me it falls in the great cult type series like Gilligans Island, Munsters, etc. It'll never get out of date to me, no matter how many times I watch those same old episodes. It's right up there with Star Trek!!!!
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I saw this movie when it first came out in the theaters !! It was a GREAT movie.
I actually saw it that one time, now as you mentioned it. I want to see it again.

:) lol love janet
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Ok, I'll admit it; I like them. The first was the best but don't discount the others for some fun!
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The original is an absolute classic. I was surprised they did do a remake. It was interesting, but not as good, I reckon. I would say the original has one of the best endings of a movie of all time!
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Shirley McLean answered
I did like the original, and all the sequels, especially on the big screen. I enjoyed the politics, the hierarchy, the cliques, the humor. I especially enjoyed the characters playing the apes.
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Glen Thornbury answered
Personally the original and the Surprise of it all was most important, and after the First that was gone!!!!!!

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