Do You Like To Dance?


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Monny Lonny answered
I love to dance...but NEVER in public! I'm too shy to dance in public! :)
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No, I'm not
I'm a shy person who too lazy to move my body

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nettie answered
Yes I love to dance and love music ball room dancing and jitterbug are favorites but don't dance much anymore partners are hard to come by....
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That could be because of cheer leading, but than again music was always in my household, so dancing and singing was a given....♥♥
Lia H. Profile
Lia H. answered
Yes, I love to dance but not around people i don't know. Dancing and music is my life.
Aliza Glatter Profile
Aliza Glatter answered
Ya- it's totally my life.  I do tap jazz, ballet, modern, lyrical, israeli, hiphop... Basically everything.  O, and of course i love just like modern dancing at parties and stuff.  Ve even done some competitions and company stuff!
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Dan Christensen answered
I absolutely adore dancing. Of everything I know, I must say that west coast swing is my favorite. Even if I don't dance in public (haha, yeah i'm not shy. It does happen) I can listen to any music, decide what I would dance, and start dancing in my head. What a wonderful way to pass the time.

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