What Is Black And White And Read All Over?


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Steven Vakula Profile
Steven Vakula answered
Could it possibly be the News Paper!
XiMing Gu Profile
XiMing Gu answered
Do you mean

What Is Black And White And "Red" All Over?

Easy to me... a sunburned zebra :)  and there is another answer:______

Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
......the suspense is killing me.
Brian Reed Profile
Brian Reed answered
I know and you don't ha ha because i wrote it
Tina Profile
Tina answered
Well? All I came up with is a zebra with a sunburn, and a newspaper... What have you got? Anything better.
Onetwo Bucklemyshoe Profile
I have two answers...the first one's clever and the second one is inappropriate:

1) The Newspaper
2) A zebra in a blender

Kara Hart Profile
Kara Hart answered
Well that is an old joke....technically when you are saying it out loud there is a few answers....but seeings as how you are typing it....it has to be a newspaper or some reading material because you said 'read' and not 'red'

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