What Was The First Musical Concert You Ever Went To? Was It Better Than You Had Hoped, Somewhat Disappointing Or Just So So?


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Jack Jones answered
Brittany Spears, when I was nine. That was eleven years ago. She was better back then, than she is now. It was okay, for the seats we got, way in the back. I'd go to almost any show though, I just love music in general. :)
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Cassidy Ilene answered
I haven't been to an ACTUAL concert yet, just local bands playing at local bars. They're really cool though. I get to go off base, into Japanese life, and listen to Japanese music. :D I don't understand what their saying for the most part, but despite that, it's interesting. Some close friends of mine do shows with some really big local bands here, and they just recently got signed.
I think Japanese shows are probably the coolest thing ever and anything that would be "normal" to most in the states, is going to be so weird when I go back.
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That sounds fun. Sometimes local bands are way better than the big acts. They want it more and care about the fans more.
Jewelly A. Shetka Profile
Believe it or not I've never been to a real concert
(like the ones on TV with thousands of people there).
The closest I can come to was when I drove to ABQ
(in a heavy snow) to see and hear tiako drummers
for the first time.  The flute was used a bit, but mostly
it was the drums.  I like drums.  Especially the one
that's a big as a VW.
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Michelle Grant answered
My first one was super! I believe it was Miley Cyrus's it was so fun!
Diana Cseresznye Profile
My First Concert was the Bee Gees At the Masonic Temple in DownTown Detroit. The yr was 1974 and I enjoyed every minute of the concert. The Masonic Temple was built for acoustics and the sound just bounced off the walls. The same thing goes for the Fox Theater.  There I saw Hall and Oats in 1986 and I have always had great stereos with Mc Intosh Box speaker that you can not even begin to imagine the sound. I actually have to buy smaller speakers with larger tweeters to complement tone sound or blow the MC INTASH woofers. But the sound at thses two halls is amazing and I would love to attend another concert at the masonic bfr I die. I also saw B>B> King there, And finally YES it was so much better than I ever expected, there is not a bad seat in the house
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Sounds cool, I'm trying to imagine the Bee Gees in my idea of what a Masonic Temple would look like lol unless this is just a name given to the performance center
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Julia answered
Went to Beatlemania with my Mom at the Greek (outdoor amphitheater). Mom and I had never been close. That day it was just her and I. When we arrived, it was really hot so we left our jackets in the car....big mistake. After dark it got really cold. We didn't have a lot of money, so we split a cup of cocoa. For years afterward, we'd laugh about that memory.

The concert itself was pretty good. We were/are both Beatles fans. Mom passed away back in 1981 before we could be adults living in separate homes...that one memory as well as one other shared laugh helps warm that otherwise cold impression that still remains.
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Three days grace and it rocked
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This ages me.  Peter, Paul and Mary.  I was with the most gorgeous man on earth and I don't know which was better.
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Rolling Stones (2) and Ac/Dc (1)...Both were great.
Linkin Park (1)...It was ok...
Kiss (1)...Disappointing...
Waiting for SlipKnot...I am a big fan...

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