What Are Some Funny Pranks To Do In Your Neighborhood?


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G'day Kaylaandjb,

Thank you for your question.

I would be careful pulling pranks. They can often backfire.

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I can't come up with any pranks that would
be funny to both sides.  In fact,
I don't think there's any that doesn't p---
them of for damage/destroy/deface property.
And who's going to get you out of the
mess you got yourself into?
Your folks.
A rather un-funny prank, don't
you think?
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Just Be Careful In This Day And Age Of Lawsuit Happy People... When I Was Like Ten  We Would  Put Jello Or Pudding On The Front Porch By The Front Door.. But  I'd Not Do That Now.. We All Got Grounded.. Neighbors Called The Cops.  Kids Now A Days Are Much More Bold And  Criminal..  Slashing Tires   Breaking Car Windows ..
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Actually, there is a lot more risk now, with so many more laws protecting people. In the old days, throwing an egg at a man's porch may yield some hollers, maybe even some chuckles. These days it is considered a threat, and something is done about it, rather than "letting kids be kids".
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I hate pranks.
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Please give me an example of a prank you would think is funny. I am willing to listen.
kayla miles
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Ok we did a non harmful prank u have two people one each side of the rode and pretend you holding a rope itss so funny like they stop and we have talked to many people after we pulled pranks on them and they tought it was funny and un harmful
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OK, I thought of one that I saw in my neighborhood. Someone threw rolls of toilet paper all over the trees, bushes and roof of a house on my block. I thought it was funny, and it came off easily using a hose.
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Tht is mean plz dont do tht too ur neighborhood they will hate u after
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Make orgasm noises (and just about anything else fake and obnoxious) in front of their houses.
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In today's society, any prank is NOT desirable. If caught, you can be sued.  Times have changed since the old days.  Laws have toughened.  Pranks today are bolder, more criminal nowadays. More harmful than fun.
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Oh Great! I have an all-time great one, but there is no way they'll let me post it here. Let's just say nudity was involved.LOL.
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U could get some fertilizer for the grass and when they r gone u can put some mean things and in a few weeks u will get some good results. Hahahahahahahahahaha!!!

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