What If Anything Would Make You Dance In The Streets?


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John answered
Nothing,well maybe when God gives me my new perfect body i will. I am not really a dancing type person.the closest i ever came to dancing was when i dislocated all the bones in my foot and they stuck me on a treadmill(therapy) and told me to walk sideways and backwards while the treadmill was running. I wish i could of had video of me trying to do this i could have made a 100 thousand dollars on worlds funniest videos.
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Midnite star answered
For me...Any music would make me dance in the street. I LOVE Both...so just try n' stop me !!
Open UR car door, turn on the radio & there I'll go....Doesn't take much to get me out there. An' I don't care who's watchin' either !!
Anyone like to join me ?
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Keith Old
Keith Old commented
Let's dance Midnite.
Midnite star
Midnite star commented
Name the time. Name the place. And whoever the poophead is who enjoyed giving most of us a "thumbs down"...I know U will NEVER EVER dance. Feel sorry for U.
rineeth kittu Profile
rineeth kittu answered
For me it is celebration
suman kumar Profile
suman kumar answered
In India, during marriage there is a program called barat, where the bridegroom is taken in a car along with music band and people will be dancing, all the way to the function hall, I would like to dance there loll.
Annie Devore Profile
Annie Devore answered
Free Chocolate For The Rest Of My Life..   Winning The Florida Lotto For 6 Million Dollars. My Kids   Would Be Set For Life.   No Worries About Bills.. Ever...   Putting On A CD   In The Car Opening The Door And Just   Moooving To The Music.. I Do That Sometimes At The Park. I Believe If   There Was No Cancer..   Anger.. Pain.. And Injustice   Ever Again ..That's Reason To Dance.   If I Got The Chance To Have A 10 Day Cruise With EVERYONE Who Has Ever Been Nice To Me..   From All Over The Country..   I Just Love To Dance.. Great For The Waistline . I Dance In The Street. If It's Pouring Because I LOVE To Get Wet And I Don't Care Who Stares At Me Or Makes Comments . .
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Keith Old
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Singing in the rain Purpless.
Annie Devore
Annie Devore commented
That's Right Keithold.!! We Have The Radio On All The Time At PARC.. And There I Am Dancin Round The Clay Table Or Painting Table. Remember The Song "I Hope You Dance?" That's Why I Dance.. Go To" You Tube" And Look Up "I Hope You Dance" Listen To Those Lyrics.. It's A Relaxing Country Song. I Can Waltz.. Do The Fox Trot.. Hip Hop Dance.. Flamenco Dance.. And The Twist Among Others. I Went To A Bunch Of Fred Astair Dance Classes.. It's A Blast !! Yes I Do Waltzes In The Rain.
John commented
Speaking o chocolate ,i was at walmart and a 1 pound bag of hershey's kisses was 7dollars.7 dollars i could not believe it was so high especially at walmart.
Sarah Profile
Sarah answered
No!! I can`t lol
William Harkin Profile
William Harkin answered
Celtic football club winning the European championship.
And my wife saying. "Willie,Why don't you go out and have a drink on me.Here's £50,don't bring back any change"
Philip Yao Profile
Philip Yao answered
I don't get this question? If i anything made me dance in the street that would mean i would be dancing in the street all the time.
yarnlady Profile
yarnlady answered
I love street festivals. I don't dance anymore, but I still can appreciate the fun and music.
Jack Mahon Profile
Jack Mahon answered
Two things. My 72 year old wife pregnant with twins, or a case of Saint Vitus's Dance disorder.
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Keith Old
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Both unlikely Jackyll. :>)
Joan commented
I had much rather be afflicted with about anything other than with pregnancy. Ugh! I can't imagine anything worse at my age. I love the grandchildren and I love having them with me. But, I do reach a saturation point in about 4-5 days. They have too much energy for me to keep up with them for a very long period of time.

Another thumbs down, Jackyll! Are you are going for a record or something??
Addilynn Addilynn Profile
If i did dance in the street then...OMG! I wud look like a total idiot! (but if my crush asked me out , then i probably wud do some weird dancing!) wooooooooohooooooooo!
Lets get out grooooooooves on baby!
Ilina Profile
Ilina answered
Hmmm. Many things. One circumstance would be if the world would end somehow if I did not dance on the streets.
Karen Profile
Karen answered
If Obama and Biden resigned
If Bp plugged the HOLE and cleaned up our beautiful wetlands
If my daughter gets a full paid scholarship to a great college.
If I won $100,000.
If my ex would leave me alone.
And, of course, if I lost 40 pounds.....
most of all,
if I were 25 again!!   Life would be grand and somebody might have to put me in jail to make me stop dancing in the street!!!
Jet Fighter Profile
Jet Fighter answered
I dont think that would be a good Idea because one of those Rude Drivers would nail me for sure .
Joan Profile
Joan answered
Here in Texas we do need a good rain dance with some good results from that dance.   If I thought it would help, I would be doing a jig with the best of them.
Ruth Campbell Profile
Ruth Campbell answered
I would have danced in the streets when Obama was elected.   But no one around here thought of it, so I didn't.   I still would if anyone would join me.   I don't like to dance alone.

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