Did you see any actual last minute shoppers buying anything they could find left on the shelves?


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Thank God. No! That type is just too depressing.  As long as I buy ssomething..it counts. The whole ideal of comercilism. I spent money.. For you. Down here, they just profiled a man that waited till last night to shop. He went to Gap.  Bought everything ... For everyone... In one stop. Guessed the sizes, had them wrapped.  But being the great giver he was...delivered the gifts,get this... In the brand Lexus, he just bought. Special Oder. Sad..
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What's that saying-life is stranger than fiction.
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Around here there were really not that many last minute shoppers out,i guess they all were shopping on line.
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From the news we saw, Orlando was an absolute nightmare. Had to litterally trow people out of the stores. ( Malls)

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