Who is the most annoying personality on UK TV? For me it would be one of Johnny Vegas, Allan Carr, Ainslie Harriot and Simon Cowell. Any other suggestions?


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Emily Jones Profile
Emily Jones answered
Simon Cowell, especially when he shows off his chest...
Moo C. Profile
Moo C. answered
David Williams then
Hilary Newton Profile
Hilary Newton answered
.katy price kerry catona gillian mckeath, lorraine kelly, the tall gorpy looking so called commedien amanda something, all the loose women(gravy train), adrian chiles, colleen nolan, +to many to mention i need a job on tv,
Joe B. Profile
Joe B. answered
I am not familiar with UK television, but you did mention Simon Cowell.... And we get him here in America..... And without a doubt he is annoying, so this is my selection.

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