Does 16-year-old Justin Bieber have any enemies, or anyone who would want to hurt him; or is he universally loved, as well as universally worshipped?


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Meta Forrest answered
Well, going by the amount of questions that get asked about him on this site, I would say people are definately obsessed by him .  Whether they love him or hate him remains to be seen .
Bethany York Profile
Bethany York answered
I hate him, personally but i do not want to hurt him.. I mean i wouldnt cry if he got shot in a drive by
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Tony Newcastle
Tony Newcastle commented
That's very generous of you, Bethany...hmmmm......
I'm curious as why you hate him. Maybe you just hate his music??
Maybe he shouldn't get involved with too many black rapper guys, uhuh?
(Not that all of them are bad guys,you understand)
Maria Not Telling
Agree 100% with u Bethany
Joe B. Profile
Joe B. answered
You never know..... He may have a young fan who loves him so much they are like the kid who squeezes their pet rabbit to death giving them a hug.
Annie Devore Profile
Annie Devore answered
Everyone Has Someone.. That Has People Either Annoyed At  Them.. Or Angry At Them At One Point.. Maybe Some One  ..
Resentful Of Him. His Fans. Lots Of Loonies Out There. I Could Take Or Leave Him. He's Got Some  Big Fans. Out There So Probably Has A Body Guard Or Two.

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