How is science used in music?


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Electronics technology is used in synthesizers, MIDIs,samplers and sequencers.While the same electronics is used for guitars, the effects and the amplifiers themselves.
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Each sequential note is the 12th root of 2 (1.05946309436) higher than the one before it.  A = 440 vibrations per second (440 cycles - 440 Hertz).  Therefore, A# will be 440 x 1.05946309436 (466.163761518) etc.  Also, brass  instruments have to be a certain length for the key they are pitched in.  Woodwind instruments have to have the holes in the right place to make the correct tone.  Drum pitch can be varied by loosening or tightening the heads.  Stringed instruments make different sounds by the length of the strings.  You can make an instrument by hit or miss but you can't tell what sounds it will produce.  By using math and science, making a good instrument is a lot easier.  Good book to read is "The Physics of Sound".
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Formulating the right woods to use in guitars, basses and drums, as well as orchestral instruments.
Amplification, vibration and air pressure...... I'm a musician but not a scientist, but I know I use science in music
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It isn't-period.

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