Who is the most beautiful girl in the world? My vote is for Jessica Stroup from 90210.


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Janey answered
The tennis player Maria Sharapova -  cool, talented and an amazing looking woman.
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I have a thing for Sandra Bullock she is so hot,but I have to say my partner --next to you though Maxine :-)
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Ankit Singh , Movie Buff, answered

MY vote goes for Golshifteh farhani. Her beauty is serene and so perfect . Her smile is infectious and her eyes, where you can drown. Her movies are mostly aired on HBO and I don't miss a single movie of hers. I wish I could marry her.

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joan saviour answered
Megan fox and the Afgan girl Sharbat Gula
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Maxine Chan
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Megan Fox is hot too but not the most beautiful girl. Audrina Patridge comes second most beautiful to me.
joan saviour
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What about sharbat gula she is unique
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ME !! Hahahaa I'm Just Kidding !!! Ummm I think my mom, she's a gorgeous woman. Sorry I know nobody knows her but i really think my mom is the most beautiful woman in the world

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