What are the most powerful song lyrics you've ever heard?...Please have more than one example if you have that many and please name the song you retrieved the words from?


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Seasons in the Sun,Terry Jax,
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Tony Newcastle
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---in 1974.
Westlife-- (p.s.,--don't tell Addilynn!) --had a Christmas Number 1 with Seasons In The Sun, in 1999.
The song was originally written by the Belgian songwriter/singer Jacques Brel, with lyrics added by the Canadian lyricist, Rod McKuen.
Hilary Newton
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I like the original best,
Addilynn All Star
I knw tony i am a westlife fan! But i dnt like either! XD
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"London Calling" by The Clash from 1979 as it captures perfectly the English post-punk music scene and the zeitgeist of the late 70s.
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Topper Headon plays the drums, bass and piano on Rock The Casbah.Joe Strummer wrote this as a riposte to Bernie Rhodes who said their songs were too long.
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Strum on, Joe Strummer..! [...sadly now RIP]
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Agreed and there's even a stage at Glastonbury named after him now - Strummerville.
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1.)"you're the place my life begins and you'll be where it ends"-Westlife Flying without wings

2.) "You're the deifinition of beautiful"- JLS One shot

3.) "If your hearts not in it for real , please dont try an fake what you dont feel"- Westlife if your hearts not in it.

4.) "Im already there , take a look around , im the sun shining on your head , im the shadow on the ground" - Westlife Im already there

5.) "Cus you cant stop the rain , when its already falling , you cant stop the dream when its already calling out your name"- Westlife let it fall.
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The Climb mylie cyrus
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I think he knws..he aint dumb...or is he? 8) XD
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Lol who doesn't know who Miley Cyrus is???? XD
Tony Newcastle
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Don't call me dumb! --I was [obliquely]having a little pop at the wrong spelling of Miley's name. --Of course everyone has heard of MILEY CYRUS!
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The lunatic is on the grass, Pink Floyd, and the whole album, that the song is on.
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Your my special little lady the one that makes me crazy the one I can't live without it's you its you - favorite girl Justin bieber
See I need you in my life for me to stay - superbass nick minaj
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"To dream the impossible dream" is pretty powerful
"I who have nothing" Shirley Bassey
"Walk away" Matt Munroe.
"The power of Love" Jennifer Rush
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Tony Newcastle
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Good powerful songs, Allabarra. Keep the beacon burning for good music!
Tony Newcastle
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P.s. His name was MATT MONRO, --one of the most frequently mis-spelled singer's names in all of music's pantheon.
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" It's unbelievable the way you look in my eyes", "Your haunting me in my sleep and I can not go on" - Unbelievable by Kaci Brown.

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