What's a good gift for a friend who just returned from working abroad for several months? I feel like I should get her something. But truth is we're not super close yet. So I don't know what she likes except comedy movies and she's pretty religious.


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Straw Boss answered
Monty Python Life of Brian

covers comedy and religion both

(Not Good Advice. Don't Take.)
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Viva La Vida answered
Ask her to a movie night at your house. You can rent a comedy movie and then have popcorn and pizza. If you want to you can invite over some of her other friends it will be a kinda coming home party. Have fun! ;]
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Janey answered
If you're not that close,you could get her a compilation of dance music or R&B songs or whatever style of music she enjoys listening to.
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Jenn bk answered
Music or movies are a good idea... Something she might have missed out on being away
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Ray Ottewell answered
Depending on what religion she is, you could, get her a cross on a chain, a statue of Mother Mary, or Budda, the Koran, a book about all the differant religions or a Motor Head cd.

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