What did the "Old Lady in the Shoe" do for entertainment?


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Hi Lynne :
There was an old lady who lived in a shoe
She had so many children, she didn't know what to do,
She gave them broth, without any bread,
Then whipped them soundly,
And put them to bed.

[Joseph Robson's and Gurtan Garlands version 1794.

There were many other versions in the 18th and19th Century.

Well, poor thing.... Eh, and poor children....

And maybe for today, we can think of ladies and women who cope with many children and lots more, but do they whip their children, well whoever does for entertainment, might be in real trouble today....
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catherine adams
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Hi Lynne funny how she was old and had so many children, do you think somebody couldn;t count... All the Best = young lady,
Lynne Dwyer
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She should have "other" entertainment. :)
catherine adams
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Yeah like you me an a lot of other people. Keep dancing!
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With all of those children, she probably smoked & drank (Fosters,of course as I believe she was English)
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She tied a lot of shoe laces. It was her favorite hobby. That is why she lived in a shoe.
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Drank vodka, took Prozac for all that stress and watched daytime tv chat shows lol.

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