What Does Jazz Mean?


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The origin of the word 'jazz' is still remains a question. Jazz is a style of music that is indigenous to America. The music has strong but flexible rhythms. The word 'jazz' also has a slang use. Someone's enthusiasm or animation is termed 'jazz'. Any kind of nonsense (things or ideas or speech) is also called 'jazz'. For example: stop that jazz or I will stitch your lips! In this example, jazz means nonsense talk. Jazz could also denote 'miscellaneous or unspecified things'. For example: he bought vegetables and all the jazz.

Jazz as a verb means 'to play music in jazz style'. It could also mean 'to exaggerate to' or 'to lie to'. For example: Don't jazz me. When you jazz someone, you enthuse or excite that person. For example: Minnie's friends jazzed her by gifting a life-sized doll. Jazz could also mean 'to cause to accelerate.' When you jazz up something, you make it more interesting.

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