Can you name three things you liked, and three things you hated about Blink 182?


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Kathryn Wright , Mark Hoppus from Blink 182 fan, answered

The 3 things I liked about Blink 182 are:

  • Their catchy songs
  • Their videos are really funny as they don't take themselves too seriously. It shows their whole attitude to life.
  • Lastly, their drummer Travis - he's an incredible drummer and without him I think that the band would suffer.

Blink 182's fan base is probably a bit older now. Like me, fans probably got into them back in 1999 when the film American Pie came out, as Blink did some of the songs from the soundtrack and are actually in the film, although briefly.

I recently went to see Blink 182 in concert on their Neighborhoods tour in 2012, and they have the same energy on stage as they did ten years ago! They seem forever youthful.

Here is a video of my current favorite Blink 182 song:

3 things I hate:

  • Tom Delong is not that much of a nice guy when interviewed
  • I hate that there are a lot of bands who have copied Blink 182 and their fans give no recognition to Blink for coming up with that sound originally
  • Seeing how old they are now, reminds me that I too am getting old!

I can't imagine that Blink 182 will bring out any more music, or tour again soon, as they are married with children now. At the concert at the O2, Mark Hoppus' son had his whole class from the school he goes to in London sat at the side of the stage whilst the band performed - lucky kids!

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