If you could have dinner with one person throughout history who would it be and why?


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I'm going to opt for dinner with Aleister Crawley.

Although he's a controversial choice, I think he'd probably be interesting to hang out with. I think its at least safe to assume that he'd have plenty to say - which would make for great conversation.

Dinner with Aleister Crawley

Aleister Crawley was an occultist, poet, magician, and mountaineer. He was also well-travelled, and known for his eccentric views on morality and society at large.

He was labelled a "libertine" by his contemporaries, and was also known to have used illegal substances such as opium recreationally.

Because of this, and his association with occultism - he was denounced by the British press of his time as the wickedest man in the world.

Whilst this might not sound like the qualities of an ideal dinner guest, I think his eccentricity would be entertaining at the very least - and I'd be interested in hearing what he thinks of how society has developed since his day.

Come dine with me - History special

If I was able to invite a few more icons of history and host a wild dinner party, these are a few people that would make the guest-list:

  • Lord Byron (poet and and important figure for the Romantic movement)
  • Marie Antoinette (18th century Queen of France)
  • Mata Hari (Dutch exotic dancer who was executed for being a spy following the First World War)
  • Anita Berber (German actress and dancer that lived furing the Weimar period)
  • JFK (35th President of the United States)

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I would have dinner with a Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan or another one Jalaluddin Akbar because I'm very interested in their histories and these are great people so I'd love to have dinner with them!

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