Which other singers have Westlife collaborated with? Which of these collaborations is your favorite, and why?


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They have collaberated with Mariah Carey , Delta Goodrem, This swiss guy I forgot the name of , Boyzone , U2 (live performance) , JLS (Live performance on the X Factor) , Ray Quinn (Live performance) etc. Which do I like best? NONE.  WESTLIFE are too amazing and too huge to sing with others, they are good on their own and I don't like any of their collebarations , its different for a band to colleberate, there's so many of them already!

WESTLIFE are beautiful singers with beautiful vocals and they are better when they sing alone , other people that do duets with them just ruin the song in my opinion. Westlife rule , thats right. They rule this WORLD (and my heart) .

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I hear what you're saying - I always prefer original tracks over collaborations because they always seem a bit gimmicky.

I can't believe you don't like "Against all odds" though - but maybe that's just because I'm a secret Mariah Carey fan!
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I don't like the song , it does nothing for me! Nothing to do with Mariah Carey , and although Westlife have been known for their covers , they still make the cover more popular than the original (and they do have a lot of their own songs!) .

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