Who do you think is the best band the world has ever seen, and why?


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I'm a huge fan of both The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, and undoubtably they are two of the best bands the world has ever seen. However, they have never had the same impact upon me as the first band I became obsessive about, which was Nirvana.

Although this is a really difficult question, I feel compelled to say Nirvana because of their revolutionary affect on popular music. Also, because I spent the majority of my teenage years listening to their songs, and the music connected with and influenced by them.


Despite only being in the mainstream spotlight for three years (Nevermind was released in 1991, and Kurt Cobain died in 1994) the band had an enormous impact on people's lives and music. They catapulted alternative rock music into the mainstream, and single-handedly eroded the influence of the self-indulgent hair metal bands of the late 1980s.

Nirvana's music is still immensly popular today, and this demonstrates that they weren't just a 'scene' band - they were great songwriters too. They were also excellent performers, and far from your average rock and roll band. If you haven't already, then I'd recommend checking out their unplugged in New York performance, which is an example of the band playing at their absolute best.

Unlike most modern bands, who tend to find a formula and stick to it, Nirvana's three studio albums are distinctly different. They were never afraid of trying something new, and never played just to their audience. Instead they encouraged the discovery of new music and promoted the need for people not to just listen to what the music industry says they should.

In my opinion they are the greatest band the world has ever seen, and quite possibly my favorite band of all time.

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WESTLIFE. The whole world hasn't seen them but most people have! They are too amazing too even put into words , I'm really struggling!

Basically they are very different to all the other bands out there! (The current ones anyway!) They broke up last year though , with their final concert at Croke Park Dublin (They're Irish) in front of 85,000 FANS! Can you tell me if any other band has sold out in 4 minutes to a stadium that big?! Can One Direction sell out 85,000 people and more worldwide! Because their last concert was so huge that it was even screened in the cinemas in Europe and Asia! It was one epic moment!

Also , they had been together for 15 years, a long time for a boyband , and they had no splits or breaks , they went on for 15 years non-stop! One of them even left and they still stayed together! They are not little boys , they are 30 year olds and they are mature and funny and cool and amazing! They have given me soo much in my life its too hard to say why. Whenever I was feeling down , WESTLIFE music saved me. They saved my life , (and they kinda ruined it too when they announced their split).

They are HUGE! They have 14 No.1 UK hit singles and many more in different countries , their first 7 singles went straight to number 1 consecutively, they have 2 BRIT awards , they won 2 Record of the year awards , they won MTV Battle of The Boybands last May in 2012 beating all other boybands! They beat the Beatles , Backstreet Boys , 1D , The Wanted , NSYNC, Oasis etc! They won by over 12 million votes! So yes they are one of the amazing boybands in the world! They have many more awards and achievements but unfortunately If I named them all I'd be here forever.

Aren't they just gorgeous? I could stare at them all day, It kills me! How can 4 men be so beautiful? How is it possible! Sorry, where was I? Unlike bands like 1D they can actually sing! Yes to some people they may come across as cheesy but their music has evolved since then! They are very talented singers, especially Shane who has the voice to die for, so smooth and perfect, he is never out of tune, even when he's drunk! (He was drunk many times in peformances and although he messed up the lyrics he sang even better than normal!). Mark on the other hand has the more soulful voice, like a kina of R&B tint to it, he can scream and belt out those tunes for the world! They are an Irish popband and their accents are amazing haha! You see? I could be here all day! You'd need to check them out if you haven't already, because the only place that aren't familiar with them is the US!

Like I've said before, they are not like other bands. They don't dance and they sit all pretty (but they already are! LOL) they just sing! They all love it,and whats more? Is that they are the bestest friends ever! They all share a great bond and they always say that they are like "brothers to each other", now that is what a real band is about! They love each other but they do kill each other as well!

They have a lot of respect for other bands, they have never spoke horrible about other bands or artists, though other bands have! And yes I am biased but honestly they have never said a bad word against any artist! And that is why you never see them in the papers, they have a long reputation for being the "clean-cut boyband" that some people see as being boring. But obviously if people call them boring then they haven't been to their concerts! They get drunk in interviews and act like kids but thats what I love about them!

They also attract all age groups! They started in 1998 so you can only imagine their never-ending fanbase! Its not full of little girls screaming , they have old people, mothers, daughters, men! They are simply cool! And you know what else I love about them? Is that even though music has evolved and become more modern, WESTLIFE never changed their sound! Its like you always know its a WESTLIFE song the moment it comes on! They modernised a bit but they kept their official "Westlife" sound , afterall thats what makes them so amazing!

I have a lot more to say but I don't want to bore you till death! They are not everyone's cup of tea but mostly everyone respects them because they have done really well for themself , they are the 3rd Biggest artists in the UK with the most Number 1's, tying in with Cliff Richard and you can check that out anywhere! They are also in the Guiness world book of records for 7 consecutive Number 1's and newcomers to get platinum and golden albums, (5 albums at number 1) . Their lowest single ever was 25! Never got lower than that and they have 12 albums I adore! Okay I'll stop now!

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