What is it about Robert Downey Jr that women find so attractive? (I really don't get it.)


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Laura Cremona answered

Well he is obviously physically attractive, so I am sure a lot of women have fallen straight for that. Personally I can see he is good looking but that's not what is attractive about him.  

The type of characters that he plays, particularly Iron Man,  make him just simply really cool. A playboy, genius millionaire who saves the world. What is not to love? With his cocky and witty personality that emerges from this role in particular (which I've read are traits that he expresses in real life) this just makes him attractive.

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Cristea George Cristian
So, it's about physical appearance (attraction), character & personality (makes us stay in a relationship longer), but what about the real deal, real life or love? What about human imperfections, they give us humor, joy, feelings, etc. It's strange but, think about the imperfections the Tony Stak has in his character, e.g. he takes risk, makes mistakes, his passionate about his own stuff & ideas, and I think that makes his unique charm on a happy life.
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Cuties question time! 

For me it's just a matter of good looks and great attitude! 

I've always liked his roles - I think he's a very good actor - and he has this boyish and sometimes cocky (but in a good way) approach. 

I confess I watched "Chances Are" three or four times because of him.  Wow!  That movie's from 1989... I feel old!

And girls... I couldn't agree more with all of you!

PS.  Crystal: So he's a Leo? Mmm...

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Melinda Moore
Melinda Moore commented
I think you're absolutely right about it not just being about looks, but also attitude. Also, he's really got that handsome bad boy (who can also do vulnerable) thing sewn up!
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He is one of those men who is growing old well!  As he is maturing, he is becoming more and more appealing to women.

I think with all celebrities that people are in awe of them because of the roles that they play, not necessarily themselves.  If we look at Robert, recently he has embarked on the impressive role as Tony Stark / Ironman in Ironman 1,2,3 and The Avengers, along with Sherlock Holmes and Kirk Lazarus from Tropic Thunder.  All of which have boosted his acting career and subsequently put him back in the limelight of adoring fans.

Ladies are basically being very shallow and only liking him for his looks.  They do not know his personality what he likes or dislikes and I am sure if they bumped into him they would freeze and not find out any information!

To be honest, it is a personal preference.  I am loving the roles he is playing and if I ever go on a date with him I think I would want to go with Tony Stark rather than Robert Downey Jr.

A picture tells a thousand words so who do you prefer? These two -

or  -

I know which one I like!

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Yo Kass
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So is it because he's become more 'mature' or 'suave'? I'm really confused by the goatee too... I thought women didn't like excessively groomed facial hair, maybe it depends on the face.

I also feel people are falling for his on-screen personalities a bit too much. I just wonder what it'd be like if he was cast as a less 'pleasant' character - what would people think of him then?
Cristea George Cristian
We can fall in love with an image. Even I consider myself a fan of Tony Stark and Sherlok Holmes. But if I was a women and be in a long time relationship with one of them, I would not last one month. So, it's all about the looks, but are there poersons that fall in love with the bain?
Virginia Zuloaga
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Hi Kim! I like that third picture too! ;-)
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The answer is simple from an astrological point of view ;-)  When this cutey was born, the female planets embraced him!  

His Moon (representing the women in his life as well as his public persona) collided with the beneficial and lucky planet Jupiter.  

Then his Sun (the place where he shines brightest) touched Venus (another female and lucky planet).  It's like he just can't help getting tons of female attention! 

Now, his rising sign is in dominant and showy LEO - so he definitely knows he's got the ladies' eye and he SHOWS it off big time ;-)

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Yo Kass
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Yeah I had a feeling there were supernatural forces working in his favor! But you called him a 'cutey' in the beginning of your answer - so there must be something about him just on a physical level that you find appealing?
Crystal B.  Astrology
Well I am a woman after all so as I said he's got a luck with the ladies naturally ;-)

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