Can anyone recommend any good action movies?


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By Chance I am watching The Bourne Identity at the moment, great

action film. I personally recommend these over the most recent James Bond films for action. Matt Damon is a convincing actor and there is a much better story line behind it than the old 'Scooby Doo' style plots behind James Bond. I also like it because it's a conspiracy plot line and I tend to think that there are outfits similar to this being used by the government through the military. The Bourne Identity, Bourne Supremacy and Bourne Ultimatum are films I could watch over and over.

Other great action films well worth watching if you haven't yet:

  • The Die Hard Trilogy - the first one is the best
  • The Terminator Films - All 4 of them, personal favorites are the first and original Terminator and the third - Rise of the Machines
  • Marvel's Iron Man films are also a great set of fun action films
  • Top Gun if you fancy some old school 80's big hair and cheesy love story

Top action film of all time however has to be Point Break. The fact that you like the baddy, that the crooks are actually quite cool and that Keanu Reeves gets drawn into their gang so easily, I think it has everything, including a love plot.

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