What's your favourite HBO TV series?


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James Mackay , Tv addict, answered

Just one, impossible. There are too many great shows that have been on HBO.

My current favourite HBO show at the moment would be Game of Thrones. A great TV show which I get annoyed about waiting a week between episodes. My favourite characters would be Tyrion Lannister and 'The Hound'.

My other favourite HBO shows would have to be:

  • The Newsroom

  • Bored To Death
  • Boardwalk Empire
  • Six Feet Under
  • Band of Brothers
  • The Pacific
  • True Blood

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Virginia Zuloaga
Virginia Zuloaga commented
Hi James,

I totally agree with True Blood and Six Feet Under. As for the rest I haven't seen any of them, but "Bored to Death" sounds nice. I guess I just like the catchy title.

I've really tried watching Game of Thrones a couple of times because every single one around me has recommended it, but I don't like it. At least not what I've seen. I even have the book but haven't started on that one either. Maybe I should just give it another try... later. :-)
Lily Bradic
Lily Bradic commented
Thanks, James—will have to give them a try! I have to agree, Game of Thrones is brilliant. Tyrion's the best.
I'm watching Rome at the moment, and I'm really enjoying that, too. Thinking of giving Boardwalk Empire a try next for something different. Rome's a lot like GoT without the fantasy element!
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Yo Kass , Boardwalk Empire addict, answered

As my bio bar already suggests, my favorite HBO series is Boardwalk Empire.

Why? Because it contains all the ingredients I love in a TV show (or entertainment in general):

Alcohol - based in prohibition Atlantic City, the entire show is based around the illegal liquor trade.

Awesome music - From Vince Giordano's jazzy take on the classic Livery Stable Blues through to Regina Spektor's My Man, this show has one of the best soundtracks I've ever heard!

Cool outfits. One of the few shows where the men's wardrobe is just as poignant as the women's. I think more people should pay attention to this.

Hot women. Need I say more?

Violence. Whilst there is also plenty of dialogue, and many episodes where nothing "major" happens... but the show is kept alive by violence that looks believable - something that a lot of Tommy-gun loving, gangster style movies and shows struggle with.

I love the prohibition era, everything from the music to the outfits screams glamour and decadence (or at least it does in our rose-tinted HBO perspective here).

The acting is powerful, and I think this is possibly the best project that Steve Buscemi has ever been involved in.

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Virginia Zuloaga
Virginia Zuloaga commented
Hi Kass,

This is a pretty nice description! I haven't seen this show yet but if Steve Buscemi is in I might have to check it out. He's such a great actor! I just loved his role in Fargo... and all of his roles for that matter. :-)
Yo Kass
Yo Kass commented
Thanks Virginia, I'm a big Fargo fan too :)
Virginia Zuloaga Profile

Hi Lily!

For me CarnivĂ le was a masterpiece though it's a pity that it only

lasted two seasons.  I don't know if anyone else saw it, besides my husband and me, because it was a really dark and strange story during the Great Depression.

My second favorite is True Blood.  My only complaint is that I don't

like Anna Paquin for the role of Sookie Stackhouse.  I've read all the books and I just don't picture her there, plus I don't like her acting.  As for the rest it's and amazing TV show, with great cast and direction.

And the rest of the TV shows that I really enjoyed - though I didn't get to see all the seasons - are:

Six Feet Under - this was the first TV show where I saw Michael C. Hall.  I'm a Dexter fan and I just love this actor.  He's so good! And this show was fantastic!

Hung Hung is just fun!  Oh, yes it is!

The sopranos I would say this is a classic and one of the best TV shows of all times.  When I started watching it I couldn't manage to see all the seasons in order but I would love to see this show again.  Maybe I will! ;-)

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Yo Kass
Yo Kass commented
It really sounds awesome, so I'll have to bump it up to the top of my list.

The only problem I'm running a bit of a TV deficit. I really haven't had much time to catch up with the latest shows (i'm still on Season 2 of Mad Men!!) and people keep recommending new shows to me all the time ('Breaking Bad' goes into this category).

But yeah, Carnivale sounds like exactly the kind of show I'd love. I really like circus sideshow/Coney Island style anyway, and I am a HUGE Boardwalk Empire fan, so this just makes sense!
Lily Bradic
Lily Bradic commented
Ooh, Carnivale sounds great. I'll definitely add that to my list of things to watch. Thanks, Virginia!
I've purposely avoided True Blood as the entertainment industry seems to be saturated with vampire stuff at the moment (well, for the past few years, really) and although I'm sure it's not all bad, I'm just sick of vampires. Do you think True Blood is worth watching, even if you're not a fan of Twilight, etc.?
Virginia Zuloaga
Virginia Zuloaga commented
Hi Lily,

As much as I like vampires and the fantasy underworld, I'm not a fan of Twilight or Vampire Diaries.

I do like True Blood, a lot! It's not a youngster kind of story. Here the vampires are older and they are trying to live their lives along with the humans, in the open. The vampire blood is used for trafficking and the story is not just about vampires; is about all the types of "freaks" of the underworld: werewolves, shifters, fairies (good and bad), demons... It's a bit crazy sometimes.

It's fun to watch and they kind of keep the story line of the 12 books by Charlaine Harris... at least until the fourth season or so. I don't remember exactly now!

And the opening song is really cool! Although I don't like country music, this song is special!
Paul Airey Profile
Paul Airey answered

My top three in order.

  1. The Wire
  2. Band of Brothers
  3. Sopranos
The Wire is not only my favourite HBO series it is my number 1 TV program of all time.
I must give Game of Thrones another try though. I have only heard good reports of it. I have watched a few episodes and it did look very good but I like to watch these series' over a few days in a 'stock up on food and drink, lock the doors and turn off the phone' marathon. I am due one.

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Paul Airey
Paul Airey commented
I have Dan, I wasn't too impressed with The Pacific to be honest. I have probably been spoilt by BoB.
Dan Banks
Dan Banks commented
Yeah, I didn't enjoy it as much as BoB either. Apparently HBO have commissioned another series in the same vein of these two, so that's something to look forward to!
Virginia Zuloaga
Virginia Zuloaga commented
Hi Paul,

The same happened to me when I saw an episode of Game of Thrones. I didn't like but maybe I'll give it another try...
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This isn't a hard one at all. Game of Thrones, of course! It's not only my favorite HBO series but also my overall favorite. What I love the most about it tells the story from so many different perspectives, and that there isn't a clear bad and good guy. You get to choose who to root for yourself, which is much more exciting!

Himali Patel Profile
Himali Patel answered

i like most of all the tv serial which is telecast on HBO. But among all of them the most shows i like is as under.

1) The dark knight rises

2) Rush Hour 3

Raul Stewart Profile
Raul Stewart answered

I like few from the HBO TV series.. But my absolute favorites are:
ABC network's CASTLE.

These are the ones I have been following since the first episodes... In between there were many favourites that come and go!!

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Ankit Singh , tv series buff, movie buff, answered

My favourite HBO tv series that I like is Game of Thrones. There was one other series that I watched for 5 minutes yesterday, then had to go out somewhere. I am not sure whether it was HBO, or some other channel... I'll try watching it again today.

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