I love the piano, but I cry at night because I don't practice it. My practice times are shameful: 8 to 9 minutes. My parents are paying more than $250 a month for my lessons, and I'm wasting it all. What do I do? I want to enjoy practicing, but I can't.


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Then don't do it! No point 'trying' to like something if you don't. If you like something and you cannot be bothered to put the effort in then I guess it's not for you!

If you love the piano that much then surely you would enjoy practicing it so clearly you don't love the piano as much as you think you do. What's the point in crying? It's not going to make you an expert in piano is it? Crying for what exactly? You don't want to try then why bother? Nobody else can help you if you are not prepared to help yourself, sort out your attitude and TRY.

You cannot force yourself to enjoy something if you don't, that's just ridiculous. Stop wasting your parents money and find something you do enjoy either that is free or requires money, that way your parents money will not be going to waste, because believe it or not 250 a month is a lot of money when you think about other children and people who don't get the same luxuries as you. There are people out there probably dying to show their hidden music talents, and here you are taking it for granted. Stop feeling pressured, you don't have to learn if you don't want too, its your own free will. Find another hobby and stop worrying.

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Try to think of fun ways of practicing or ask your piano teacher on how to practice. Another reason why you can't practice could be because you teacher is not filling your needs as a student and helping you set goals to motivate you into practicing, so maybe you need to find the right teacher for you. If nothing helps than maybe you should wait a few years if you really want the whole playing piano thing to work out. You should not loose sleep over this. Some instruments are not meant for some people.

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